Playful English

for preschoolers

Lessons are carefully prepared to combine playful learning with physical exercise and offer a fun-filled environment where children can pick up English with the same ease as they learn their mother tongue.
Playfull English is full of songs to fill each lesson with joy and learning, and your children are sure to love singing along together at home!.
It is a great opportunity to give your kid a chance to spend an hour of entertainment playing with other children while learning English throughout games, competitions, songs, stories and movement. Lessons are fun and educative!

Lessons are offered in two levels of proficiency and age groups. We offer lessons for both - children who yet haven't had any experience with English, and for those who have already had the opportunity either in a kindergarten or in specialized courses. Our instructor has an extensive experience with educating children abroad.

Playful English lesson lasts 55 minutes.

Price of Playful English course:

Season tickets for 3200 CZK 17 lessons

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