Ninja Kids

This course is designed for children aged 3-6 yrs. with simple elements of karate as a tool for overall development of your child. Sensitive and caring leadership of our Instructor will help children to discover and explore their amazing potential step by step. The lessons are full of creative and fun exercises that support strength, coordination and improve dexterity. Ninja Kids lessons are especially tailored for little children with regard to their individual abilities. The key target is to gain confidence, independence with emphases on communication and cooperation.

Some exercises require to calm down and to pay attention, which helps to improve ability to learn in future. Other more dynamic parts allow children to really enjoy themselves. If you want your child to receive a quality leadership in the field of mental and physical development, here we are!

An interesting journey soon begins for your little warrior!Your confidence in our instructor and good communication with children is most important to us.

Ninja Kids lesson lasts 55 minutes.

Price of Ninja Kids course:

Season ticket for 1700 CZK 17 lessons / 130 CZK separate lesson

Teacher Ninja Kids:

Petra Zatloukalová

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