Little Monkey Jumping

We offer fun classes for our youngest members and their parents in two age groups. First group are children from 1.5 to 2.5 yrs. and second group are children from 2.5 to 3.5 yrs.
Our parent and child classes promote early development and provide a strong foundation for your childʼs first three years. Weekly classes will help your child achieve new milestones and prepare for more advanced challenges during each stage of growth. And since youʼre present at the lessons, you will be right there to celebrate every discovery with smiles, hugs and laughter. During the course you will see your child developing independence and feeling comfortable away from parents learng to early socialization, sharing and taking turns, accepting new environments, following directions and cooperating. We focus on spontaneous movement and speech development playing games accompanied by songs and rhymes. Little Monkey Jumping gives your child the best opportunity of enjoying gymnastics activities in a new and colorful environment while having loads of fun!

You can choose from Czech or English version of this course!

We are welcoming foreign children to make Czech friends and Czech kids to learn English almost without noticing while playing and exercising!

Little Monkey Jumping lesson lasts 55 minutes.

Price of Little Monkey Jumping:

Price of Czech / English version: 1700 CZK / 17 lessons / 130 CZK separate lesson

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